Productive and fun work environment

"Fairline is a hard working environment. Most days you are working hard to make sure that the boats are built to perfection and on time. Everyone is polite and a pleasure to work with. I have fun at work and always have pleasant conversations with my colleagues. I really enjoy coming into work and watching the production of some amazing boats."

"If you are pro-active and want to engage in fast-paced production, Fairline offers great working culture. Decent company to work for and an elegant product."

Good enough to give 5 stars. Decent place to work

Make a difference and join the team

"There is a great sense of "team" at Fairline. Currently there are rapid improvement projects going on throughout the company so, it is an exciting time to join and contribute towards the future of Fairline. If you're here to make a difference, management will help you succeed. Going home knowing you and your team contributed towards to such a beautiful product is a great feeling and you certainly notice the boats floating around the world when you're on holiday!"

"I don't call the other people that work here 'coworkers', I call them work friends, and I feel confident that when I need help from them I will get it, as I am always willing to help them, too." 

I can always count on my colleagues at Fairline

My team is outstanding

"My co-workers are trusted, giving a feeling that they will always have my back and support me in my work. The team is great and the support I have received is, in many ways, outstanding. My co-workers have done really well and I feel lucky to be a part of my team."

"Fairline has invested in me since I have started here. I am comfortable here with friendly people around me." 

Fairline has invested in my career development

I relocated and have made new friends at Fairline

"I relocated and started a new job at Fairline a few years ago. I had no one locally that I knew and I have made friends and met some genuinely nice people during my time at Fairline." 

"Great atmosphere, exciting products, and a challenging yet satisfying place to work."

Challenging yet satisfying place to work